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Blogger SEO-friendly page title  

Blogger Buzz has announced a good news for us here. Layouts now has a blog.pageName datum that gives the name of the current page without the “[Blog Name]: ” prefix that blog.pageTitle adds. What does it means for us? It is very very good for your page title SEO!

Amanda had written a simple tutorial to change the title tags for your blog. It is very simple. Go to Layout > Edit HTML, and find this code:


Replace with this following,

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

Finished! Now you have an SEO-friendly page title.


Email Marketing Solution for Your Business  

In marketing division of most modern company, communication with customers becomes very important thing to do. Because they can be reach the selling target straightly, by this way. In another hand, a good relationship between company and their customers will built with this communications. And it creates a long-term loyal customer community affect.

If you have small number of customers, using email from your hosting is enough. But if you have a large customers, you will get a big problem. Some hosting companies have limitations for sending mass email message per day. My hosting only allows me to send 100 emails per day! :( Email marketing solution can be a best solution for us.

For example, is one of companies which provides email marketing solution for anyone who’s want to use email to sending mass email message. Their email marketing service can be used for various kind of target, such as pooling, survey, political campaign, and of course for company marketing. Their email marketing tool will be good solution for your online company to communicates with your customers.


Build online business site using website templates  

To begin an online own business, there are many the various variants accessible to those we’re wishing. Because, starting a new online business is always interesting to do. But for someone who has no experience with programming, web design, HTML or its related, it is difficult to build the website by him or her self. Hire professionals is one of the solutions, but maybe our budget is not enough to pay them. Then, the business website template in which scattered online at several sites on Internet will help us to get great website without any knowledge about coding the source. It is more effective, easy and inexpensive way to start online business site.

Some sites provide website templates for free, but another ones must be paid for a few dollars. For example, DreamTemplate give away 300 free templates and sell unlimited access to all of their templates for only $59.95. The front page or landing page of online business site is the most important thing to care, because visitors or maybe customers always got this page every time they open your online site. Your site visitors or customers will give a respect for nice graphic design and excellent layout in site front-page. With their experience of visiting your site, it becomes a free marketing by mouth to mouth as a virus. And your online business site will get public exposure and attention. Online website template can used as landing pages for a search engine results-list or as a guidance for visitor to browse another pages on your site.

Usually, online website template is also easy and quick to use. All you need to do is type in the information about your business, your products and services that you want to make available to customers, and then upload it. You have no necessary to worried about a mall function or something that will destroy your server, because experts in the field of web design and marketing have created these business website templates. Furthermore, Website template offers useful assistance particularly when you are first beginning to use the Internet or usually called newbie. To choose the best website template design, the first major thing to look for is the themes of the template. Most of the website templates in which provided on the Internet are a general themes. You can choose the theme that matches for your business, and this kind of templates usually looks very attractive to invite targeted clients.

Overall, using website templates will cut your investment or operational cost, reducing time to build, and give excellent result for inviting visitors, customers, or buyers.


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